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ITLP – Oyster River Imagery

Project Data Library

This table provides links to the data products captured by our UAVs and post-processed.  Download through links in 1st column.

DatasetFile TypeDetailsLink
Site ImageryGeoTIFFImagery UAVSite Imagery Download
ContoursSHP1m ContoursContour Download
MapPDFWith 1m ContourMap, With Contour
MapPDFNo ContourMap, No Contour
DTMRasterDigital Terrain ModelDTM
Eastern Piles Photo,
Volume = 10238.64 ± 110.64 m3
JPGVolume was calculated based on this outlineEast Piles, Oblique


webicon1  Interactive Web Map

Visit the link below for a web map of the (2) Oyster River study areas.  Please note the login and password for the site below.


(Login: itlp2017  Password: uavmaps123)


cameraiconOblique Photos 

Still photos captured by one of our drones on site. To download the original photos, see link in the Project Data Library table at top of page.  



 video_iconVideo Flyover

If you have any questions about the data collected, please contact Mike Morellato at or 778-980-0654.