Our Drones & Sensors

Meet our Fleet: SNRC’s Remotely Piloted Aircraft

Currently, we have 7 main drones that we operate out of a few Strategic offices.  This number is expanding in 2020, along with the number of RPAS pilots at SNRC that are certified for Advanced Operations in Canada.  Some of our drones can operate in inclement weather, which is important when travelling to project sites here in Canada and internationally.  

While it’s exciting to talk about capable and fancy drones, we have learned that the professional experience of the drone operator is a crucial component.  Interpreting what the drone sees, having a vision for the data, and capturing the right scenes and metrics is best accomplished with seasoned field staff.





  • 55 minutes flight time; great for mapping missions
  • Vertical takeoff and landing.
  • Can use true color and multispectral cameras.
  • Used primarily for large mapping missions.
  • Wind tolerance is ~43 km/h in cruise.

DJI Matrice 210

  • 38 minutes flight time.
  • Weatherproof, can fly in rain and strong wind
  • Vertical takeoff and landing.
  • Can use true color and thermal cameras simultaneously
  • Used for both inspection and
    mapping missions.
  • Wind tolerance is ~43 km/h.

Sassin Tech
Fixed wing

  • 40 minutes flight time.
  • Covers more area over a shorter period of
    time due to flight speed.
  • Compatible with 3 of our 4 cameras.
  • Optimized for mapping missions.

DJI Mavic 2 Pro

  • 30 minutes flight time.
  • Portable and easy access for our field staff.
  • Vertical takeoff and landing.
  • High resolution visible (RGB) camera.
  • Shoots in 4K video and RAW format for
    ultra-high resolution.

DJI Inspire 1

  • 20 minutes flight time.
  • Vertical takeoff and landing.
  • Visible (RGB) cameras or thermal cameras
    are compatible.
  • Shoots in 4K video and RAW format for ultra-high resolution.

SNRC’s Drone Payloads

Strategic serves its clients with 3 main types of camera payloads, shown below.  Give us a call to find out what type of drone data or service is best for you!

In 2020, we are exploring heavy-lift utility drones, as well as LiDAR to expand our capabilities.  Stay tuned for more updates!