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Strategic UAV | We capture, map and help you analyze data with unmanned aircraft

Our team draws from a selection of different drones to provide the best tool for our clients' projects, as one size does not fit all. We come from GIS, surveying and remote sensing backgrounds, and use these skills to set us apart as a UAV service provider.

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Professional UAV and GIS Products

Our team is dedicated to getting the most out of our drone data. We have an established UAV program that is backed by years of GIS experience, setting us apart. We deliver data products that save you time, increase efficiency and improve safety on site.
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Strategic’s UAV Data Hub (UAVDH)

When you choose us to provide drone services, you receive a lot more than site photos. For all of our clients, we provide access to our UAV Data Hub, where you can view, download and interact with the data we have collected on site. This may include photos, videos, 3D renderings, 360-degree scenes, and an interactive web map to pan, zoom, measure and query the professional orthophotos we compiled.
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Multiple drones, multiple cameras

When it comes to capturing data for different purposes on a variety of sites, one size does not fit all. We use both multirotor and fixed wing drones depending on the end user’s needs, and choose our drones and camera payloads carefully to get the best possible data.
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High Resolution Mapping

Our imagery GSD is 3 cm/pixel or better (depending on altitude).

Ultra HD Video

We shoot in 4K and use industry leading editing software to give you the best deliverable that we can

Choice of cameras

From professional photography to multispectral to thermal. We use the best payload for the job… our drones are not limited to one type of camera.

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